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Psychologists believe that the core belief system as well as intellectual capabilities of an individual are established in early childhood and only shaped later in life. Play and fun are so important to the intellectual and social development of a child although many parents may not be aware of the fact. Toys are considered to amuse and entertain kids while in fact they do much more than that.

Toys, particularly the long lasting wooden toys, enable children to learn new skills and to understand and appreciate the world as well as what is going on around them. Toys made from plastic as well as other materials, especially plastic, may lack the strength to withstand the insults they receive from the youngsters. Such toys may also contain harmful chemicals released as they wear out which may present health hazards to children using them.

If you are expecting a child or you already have one then it is time you must start thinking seriously about purchasing an assortment of currently available wooden toys. This is because the toys are essential for proper growth and development of any child. The toys achieve this in several ways including the following.

  • Development of Fine And Gross Motor Skills 

Motor skills are vital in the proper development of a child and a happy future. A motor skill is defined as an intentional movement involving a muscular component that has to be learned and voluntarily executed to proficiently perform goal-oriented tasks. Gross motor skills involve the use of large muscles of the body that produce actions such as running, walking, throwing and catching. These skills are developed mainly outdoors.

You should get your child or children outdoor wooden toys such as pedal cars, ride on toys and doll strollers among others. They are the best in stimulating and promoting the development of large muscles. Fine motor skills on the other hand include eye coordination, hand/finger functions, and facilitates actions such as using scissors, writing, playing keyboard and manipulating small objects. They involve small muscles that control fine body movements.

Art/craft toy supplies such as wooden paint brushes, crayons and weaving looms are great in the development of eye coordination as well as find hand skills. Other great wooden toys that can help with fine motor skills include wooden puzzles, blocks and shape sorters.


  • Cognitive skills and language Development 

Cognitive development is the most important aspect in the intellectual development of any child. Cognitive skills are what allow us to think, learn, and remember and to be creative. If you want your child to develop great math skills, problem solving capabilities as well as artistic talents then you should find for them wooden toys that can help with the cognitive development.

There are very many toys, including wooden ones that can promote and enhance cognitive development in youngsters. The best toys for this purpose include wooden blocks, board games as well as toys that require sorting and classification skills. Such toys will enhance the imagination of the child as well as his or her memory.

Almost all toys are capably of stimulating language development in a child. This is because children tend to emulate the sound they hear. Wooden toys that can directly stimulate and enhance the development of language skills in children include Miniature appliances, doll accessories, and play sets are just a few wooden toys that promote imaginative play.


  • Social Development

Social development is essential to health, well-being as well as relationships between the child and those surrounding him or her. Children have the habit of acting out situations causing them frustrations and this allows them to work through new emotions in a safe and healthy manner thereby developing into individuals capable of fitting in any social cycles.

The best wooden toys for social develop include puppet theaters because they allow the youngsters to express their fears and frustrations and find ways to work out such social problems. Even better, are those toys that allow for cooperative play between children, as this will allow these children to know how to handle defeat. Varieties of wooden toys that aid in development of other fields also help in social development.



From the above discussion, you can see just how important wooden toys are for your young ones. If you wish to raise all round child/children with the best motor skill, cognition and memory skills, language skills as well as social skills then you should think seriously about finding the best toys for them, some of which are mentioned above. 


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