How to build deck access for a hot tub Best Materials Used to build Wooden Pergolas 5 Steps to Build a Pergola using Pergola Plans

How to build deck access for a hot tub

Hot tub deck plans do not have to be either expensive or complicated.

Best Materials Used to build Wooden Pergolas

Before building wooden pergolas is important for homeowners to think about the material to use. Those materials durability and strength influence the capacity of pergolas to resist wear and tear and regular exposure to the elements. Ideally, wooden pergolas should be made from durable wood materials in order for them to be useful, durable and […]

5 Steps to Build a Pergola using Pergola Plans

An outdoor pergola is a standing structure which typically is used for shading or cover a specific area in an outdoor living space. The two distinct design models pergolas are described as being either free standing or attached to a solid wall, such as the wall of your home. Pergolas can be designed in a […]

How To Use Homemade Boat Plans

Boat making is becoming an increasingly popular activity around the world. It is surprisingly simple and practical to make workable boats at home. With good homemade boat plans, it is fairly easy to build your own boat. Many people worry that they have never made a boat before, so it may be something impossible for them. However, the fact is that boat making is a great hobby, and it is not a highly specialized skill that requires special expertise or extensive past experience.

The first step in building your own boat is to get access to some homemade boat plans. There are a large number of good sources for such plans available on the Internet. Many of them are available free of charge, while for some of the more professional plans you may have to make a payment. In any case, it is worth it to acquire a good plan because if the plan is sound, the final result will be successful. 

The best part about a practical boat plan is that it will always avoid the need for any sophisticated or expensive specialty equipment. Such a plan will be exclusively meant for amateurs and not professionals with specialized training and experience in boat building. For a beginner, it may be useful to opt for a simple plan that focuses on simple boat designs. A design that avoids the need for compound curves is ideal in such a situation. Many a time, a good plan can help to build the boat “by eye”, which means, if it is looking right, it usually is right.

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Zip Runabout Boat Plans Interview

Interview of Ted Gauthier at the Glen-L Gathering of Boatbuilders in Guild, Tennessee. Ted built the Glen-L Zip design which is a 14'-4″ plywood runabout and created a beautiful boat! See the Glen-L website for over 300 designs of boats you can build at Glen-L dot com.

How Wooden Toys Help Children Learn

wooden toys
wood toys
educational toys
classic wood toys

Psychologists believe that the core belief system as well as intellectual capabilities of an individual are established in early childhood and only shaped later in life. Play and fun are so important to the intellectual and social development of a child although many parents may not be aware of the fact. Toys are considered to amuse and entertain kids while in fact they do much more than that.

Toys, particularly the long lasting wooden toys, enable children to learn new skills and to understand and appreciate the world as well as what is going on around them. Toys made from plastic as well as other materials, especially plastic, may lack the strength to withstand the insults they receive from the youngsters. Such toys may also contain harmful chemicals released as they wear out which may present health hazards to children using them.

If you are expecting a child or you already have one then it is time you must start thinking seriously about purchasing an assortment of currently available wooden toys. This is because the toys are essential for proper growth and development of any child. The toys achieve this in several ways including the following.

  • Development of Fine And Gross Motor Skills 

Motor skills are vital in the proper development of a child and a happy future. A motor skill is defined as an intentional movement involving a muscular component that has to be learned and voluntarily executed to proficiently perform goal-oriented tasks. Gross motor skills involve the use of large muscles of the body that produce actions such as running, walking, throwing and catching. These skills are developed mainly outdoors.

You should get your child or children outdoor wooden toys such as pedal cars, ride on toys and doll strollers among others. They are the best in stimulating and promoting the development of large muscles. Fine motor skills on the other hand include eye coordination, hand/finger functions, and facilitates actions such as using scissors, writing, playing keyboard and manipulating small objects. They involve small muscles that control fine body movements.

Art/craft toy supplies such as wooden paint brushes, crayons and weaving looms are great in the development of eye coordination as well as find hand skills. Other great wooden toys that can help with fine motor skills include wooden puzzles, blocks and shape sorters.


  • Cognitive skills and language Development 

Cognitive development is the most important aspect in the intellectual development of any child. Cognitive skills are what allow us to think, learn, and remember and to be creative. If you want your child to develop great math skills, problem solving capabilities as well as artistic talents then you should find for them wooden toys that can help with the cognitive development.

There are very many toys, including wooden ones that can promote and enhance cognitive development in youngsters. The best toys for this purpose include wooden blocks, board games as well as toys that require sorting and classification skills. Such toys will enhance the imagination of the child as well as his or her memory.

Almost all toys are capably of stimulating language development in a child. This is because children tend to emulate the sound they hear. Wooden toys that can directly stimulate and enhance the development of language skills in children include Miniature appliances, doll accessories, and play sets are just a few wooden toys that promote imaginative play.


  • Social Development

Social development is essential to health, well-being as well as relationships between the child and those surrounding him or her. Children have the habit of acting out situations causing them frustrations and this allows them to work through new emotions in a safe and healthy manner thereby developing into individuals capable of fitting in any social cycles.

The best wooden toys for social develop include puppet theaters because they allow the youngsters to express their fears and frustrations and find ways to work out such social problems. Even better, are those toys that allow for cooperative play between children, as this will allow these children to know how to handle defeat. Varieties of wooden toys that aid in development of other fields also help in social development.



From the above discussion, you can see just how important wooden toys are for your young ones. If you wish to raise all round child/children with the best motor skill, cognition and memory skills, language skills as well as social skills then you should think seriously about finding the best toys for them, some of which are mentioned above. 


Top 10 Tips for Choosing Children Toys

Choosing toys for children is something which should be done carefully. If you choose the right toy, the receiving child will love it. On the other hand, a wrong choice will be a waste of money because it will not be accepted.

From my experience with toys, I know what makes a great toy for a kid. The ten tips below will help you choose the right toy for any child.


  1. Consider the child – This is not as obvious as it seems. I urge you to go an extra mile than just thinking about the age of the child. Consider what the child likes, the other toys you have noticed at their house, and the toys the child likes when at your home. Think about the child as you choose the gift. 
  2. Do not forget the other siblings – Consider the siblings as you choose the toy. If the child has one sibling, and the age difference between them is small, then a simple toy that involves the two children can be ideal. These can engross the two children and can promote a good bond. If the child has two or more siblings, an open sided toy such as a toy garage, a Noah's ark or a pirate ship is perfect because it allows several children to play together using the toy. This avoids arguments and fights! 
  3. The number of playing elements- A toy with more than one playing element is better because it ensures the toy is not abandoned after a single playing exercise. Instead of choosing a simple wooden car, buy an Automoblox; they are construction kits and wooden cars in one and have an owners club and registration number. This ensures the gift keeps on giving. 
  4. Choose what the parents would like – The parents could be trying to introduce language skills, potty training, arithmetic etc, there are books, games and toys around these topics that can result in a really thoughtful gift. Therefore choose something the parents would want and score some points with them. 
  5. Consider the storage requirements – Think about how the toy will be stored. How much space will it require? Do not choose a toy which will take all the space in the child's toy-box. Sometimes, a simple gift such as a puzzle will be more appropriate than a 100 piece train set. 
  6. Durability – Let me be a bit biased here; if you want a long lasting toy, buy wooden toys. Plastic toys are not durable because they break, crack, splinter, shatter and fall apart.
  7. Educational – This may be a traditional educational element such as learning the alphabet through magnetic letter sets, counting, learning colors and shapes with stackers and shape sorter or learning how to tell the time using counting clocks. Educational may also mean choosing toys to help kids who are not very good with some aspects. For example, a cargo truck is a great gift idea for young children who do not like tidying up; they will begin when it is a game. Play food, shops or wooden tea sets can be great toys for encouraging children who are difficult eaters, because they will role play feeding their dolls and toys and will thus be more comfortable when it comes to feeding themselves. 
  8. Exercise – All parents would like their children to stay fit and healthy always. Exercising is one of the ways of achieving this. A toy like a push along toy or a wooden ride on toy will encourage children to exercise as they run around. Such a gift will be loved by not only the children but also their parents. 
  9. Toys that have a story – Choose a gift from which children can learn a story. The Noah's Ark is a sure classic when it comes to this, but there more options out there. A toy that has a story is a perfect pick because it will help develop a stronger bond between a child and a parent or older sibling telling the story. 
  10. Value – This means value for money and play value. Do not buy a toy which will require replacing batteries every other week (a plus for wooden toys again). In terms of play value, make sure the toy can be part of an in-depth role playing game, such as a fire station or a pirate ship, or if it is an activity center, ensure it contains enough activities. 

I hope you have found these tips helpful. Take them into account when next choosing a toy for that special child.

Pergola Wood Choices – Best wood for Pergola between Redwood, Teak, Cedar, and More


IntroductionFor thousands of years, wood has been the traditional and favored material for pergolas. Environmentally, it is a mixed bag with teak. Teak sold in the U.S. and Canada is 99% plantation grown.

For thousands of years, wood has been the traditional and favored material for pergolas. Many wood species are available and your choice of wood will determine how your pergola will look, whether it will be low or high maintenance, and whether it will last just a few years or many decades.

The six most abundant woods available for outdoor use in the U.S. and Canada are Cedars, Pressure Treated Woods, Pines, Teak, Exotic Hardwoods and California Redwood. This article will review the pros and cons of these woods specifically for use in pergolas.

Topics Review

  • The Truth and Fiction of Teak
  • What About Redwood?
  • Cedar Possibilities
  • How Cedar compares to Redwood, Teak, and the Exotic Hardwoods
  • What about Pine?
  • Last and… Least: Pressure Treated Wood


Plywood Boat Building


Plywood is considered the skin of your boat in boat building. It is what connects the skeleton of the boat and provides the strength and the outside surface of your boat. Choosing the correct plywood for building your boat is determined by the type of usage as well as how much use and the type of storage of the boat you decide to build.

Plywood boat building became popular with the invention of marine plywood around the 1940s. The advantage of plywood construction in the skin application of boat building is it’s resistance to warping, shrinking and cracking.

Topics discussed

  • Plywood Boat Building
  • Plywood Comparison For Boat Building
  • Captain Morgan’s First Plywood Boat Building
  • Plywood Boat Building Book
  • Marine Plywood for Boat Building
  • Quality Check a Piece of Your Plywood For Delamination
  • Tools and Correct Plywood in Boat Building

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Boat building Materials – Recommendations



In this article, we’re taking a brief look at the various boatbuilding methods and materials. Since the latest boatbuilding technology is always amoving target, some of this material will eventually be out of date. But, use of hi-tech would not be appropriate for mostof our designs, not only for the expense, but also for the practicality of living with it and the costsof repair.