Shed Design – How to choose the perfect design to suit your garden

If you are planning to build a shed you want the design to be in strait harmony with your garden. So how do you choose the perfect shed design to suit your garden? First determine everything that you are going to need before you start building your shed. Look at the design of your home and garden, decide on how much space you are willing to give to your shed, and then look at what shed design is most compatible with the architecture of your home and layout of your garden.Planning is the secret to achieve a successful garden shed design.

Here are some important considerations you need to have when choosing the shed design that is perfect for your garden.

Size is an important factor when choosing your garden shed design. The primary purpose of your shed is going to be for storage. Decide what you want to store, or what you want to do with the space. Make sure that you decide on a garden shed design that serves your needs when it comes to storage space. You may want a small amount of space to do some repairs or small hobbies, or like many gardeners you may want a small potting shed. If you want to store big items like your lawn mower or your snow blower then you need a larger storage shed where you can move easily. You need to think about both floor space and wall space. Many of your garden tools can be hung up. The more you plan and organize the more you will be able to utilize the space. Now that you have an idea of just what you have to store and approximately the size of shed you need there are more things to consider while you are still on this step.

Location is part of choosing the perfect design to suit your garden. It may be more convenient for you to build a shed closer to the house, but if you want to keep dust, grime and odors out of the house, then you may want it to be positioned further from it. If you have a small amount of space available in your garden, then your shed size has to coincide with that area. If you have a bigger space, then you need to think about the plan to get your shed a little bigger than what you need right now because no doubt your garden and outdoor inventory will grow in the future. Don't put your shed in a conspicuous place where it’s going to block a family members window for example. Think about your neighbors as well.

The soil in your garden is also a fact in choosing the perfect shed design to fit your garden. Depending on drainage, you may have to raise the floor of the shed, to ensure that contents inside remain dry. No matter what type o shed design you will need some type of foundation so you need to keep that in mind.If you build your shed next to a tree, factor in whether or not the root system is going to affect the structure as the tree grows. By looking ahead at issues which may arise in the future, you ensure that a shed which you build today will last.

The weather in your region is also a very important factor. For example; if you have very heavy snowfall, a sloping roof is a good idea. If you have strong wind, and the shed is not near any other buildings for protection, then the shed should be designed to cope with this factor. Rainfall is another important consideration. A shed built in an area which has very heavy downpours is much more likely to leak – so pay careful attention to how weatherproof and watertight the construction of your shed is. If you have any of these factors in your area, you need to choose for a concrete foundation, so that the shed will be well anchored. The perfect design to suit your garden will take all these issues into consideration. When you decide to build a shed you need do it the right way.

Customizing the look of your shed can be accomplished with a few changes. If you are going to be working in the shed quite a bit then lighting is going to be important to you. You may want your shed with windows or preferably a skylight. If you want elements to lend your shed design a more esthetic appeal then you may choose a design with more windows, electrical wiring, trims or you can even paint your shed. With a little effort you could have a functional and pleasing shed. The most designs of a garden shed these days have wide doorways, but you can get designs with a standard front and back door. The advantage of a wide doorway is that you can get larger equipment much easier in and out of the gardening shed.


Never compromise on quality when you build a shed. The perfect design to suit your garden needs to be robust enough to stand the test of time without falling apart. Cheap construction materials simply do not last as long as good quality products. Build a shed with the best quality materials you can afford, so you can have years of use from it, with minimal maintenance, and so that it enhances your garden.

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