How to Build a Shed using Shed Plans – Step by Step Video Guide


Are you thinking about building your own shed? If you love woodworking and are the DIY type, than this can be a very satisfying experience for you. For you to build a shed isn't really that difficult if you have the right shed plans. I highly recommend purchasing your shed plans from a respectable source. Here are the steps to build a shed but remember, first check your local building codes to see if a building permit is required for your shed. Garden sheds are easy to build and very affordable.



How to Build a Shed – Step 1. Shed Foundation

For building a shed foundation you can chose a concrete slab foundation that will be permanent. Once it is poured it can not be moved. Building a concrete slab foundation starts with leveling the site. Then you will build your forms and position a layer of welded wire mesh to provide reinforcement and help prevent cracking. Next the concrete is cast over it.


How to Build a Shed – Step 2. Shed Framing

Before you actually erect any walls, it would be a good idea to use the shed floor as your wall building platform. Assemble each wall frame and insure it is square. When you know that the wall frame is done correctly, with help you can move it to the side and build the next wall.


How to Build a Shed – Step 3. Shed Siding

When all the four wall frames are done, then you can erect the first wall, make sure it's plumb, then temporarily nail it into place. Then move to the next wall. And so on. Make sure that you check the diagonal measurements to be sure they are equal. It is critical that everything is square. Once you are certain every wall is square, then you can permanently nail or screw the walls into the floor.


How to Build a Shed – Step 4. Shed Roofing

Next is the shed roof framing. It is best to assemble the trusses on the ground and check their measurements before erecting on top of the wall structure. Once you have erected your primary trusses, you will more than likely call out for additional support and blocking pieces to be added. Just be careful to measure properly, insure a proper fit, then fasten them in place. Once your roof framing is in place, it is now time to place the roof sheathing on top of the roof trusses. With help, measure, cut, and put the sheathing in place. Insure a proper fit, and then fasten them in place.


How to Build a Shed – Step 5. Shed Front Side

In the front side of your shed you can place the door and some window if you like. Place shed windows near work areas for natural light and consider roof windows (skylights) to maximize the amount of natural light inside your shed without taking up additional wall space with more windows.


How to Build a Shed – Step 6. Shed Door and Ramp

To install the shed door first take measures of the door opening in the shed. You should be pretty precise – if the door is larger than the opening, you won't be able to mount it at all or at least you won't be able to close it. Your door can be up to 0.5" shorter and lower than the opening (that's for allowance), but no more than that. After building the door you only need to build the ramp. Shed ramps are essential if the ground around the shed slopes.


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I hope you enjoy this Step by Step Guide, where demonstrate how to build a shed, and, why is very important to have the right shedplans when he are building a shed.

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