Garden Shed Maintenance: 6 Tips To Maintain Your Shed Perfect


How to maintain your garden shed for many years? This is the most common question that we have regarding our shed. It may looks like a lot of work, when you think of the amount of time and effort that you need just to clean it out and treat any damaged areas. This maintenance is useful to avoid foul odor, or dirt that will make sheds seem old.
By following this easy routine once a year, you can easily maintain your garden shed in god conditions, inside and outside. Choosing a pressure treated shed will reduce the amount of time you have to spend on regular maintenance, as the shed will be protected from rot and insect damage. Placing sheds far from trees, so that there will be no branches that will fall on it, in particular if the weather is bad, is a good way of protecting your garden shed.
Here are some of the secrets and techniques, described on shed plans, that most of people do to keep their garden shed last for long.


Tip 1. Empty everything out

When you get inside your garden shed and you see that all the things are scattered everywhere, tackle the job head on and begin by emptying the shed completely. This will allow you to see any parts of your garden shed that may require repairing and treating.

Tip 2 . General cleaning inside the shed

Once everything has been brought out from your garden shed you can start the cleaning. Sweeping, getting rid of the cobwebs and dust, and cleaning the windows. Oil the hinges and locks.

Tip 3. Treat it to protect it

The best way to start the treatment of your wooden garden shed is varnish it, or use a good quality wood preservative treatment. With any shed requiring regular maintenance this treatment is essential. Pressure treated sheds do not usually need preservative treatment to protect them from rot and insect damage. Yet, wood stain and varnish can be used to protect the wood from any splitting or fading caused by exposure to the sun. Ensure all corners and openings of the wood are covered with treatment to avoid the moisture from seeping in.

Tip 4. Don’t forget the roof

The roof is one of the most crucial things that need to be check in garden sheds. Shed roofs are easily affected by weather changes. Check the felt or onduline covering, and repair promptly if damaged. Small tears can easily become big holes if they are caught by the wind

Tip 5. Sort out all the stuff

While waiting for the shed to dry, you can tackle the stuff that you took out of the shed in the first place. Choose the things that you need to keep and the things that need to go. It is very easy to allow stuff to accumulate, and the instinct to hang on to stuff that “may” come in useful some day is difficult to overcome. Be realistic and sensible. This will create more space inside your garden shed plus it will be easier for you to find the things you want. Check the tools you have stored, and if they are no longer useful, or even dangerous, then this is an excellent time to get rid of them and think about replacing them if needed.

Tip 6. Almost done

Once the shed is dry enough, you can start restocking the shed, sorting and storing the contents according to its purpose. The garden tools on one side, and the decorating tools on the other. Using shelves, hooks and cabinets will certainly increase the amount of storage in garden sheds and make it much easier to find the things you are looking for when you want them.
All this maintenance recommendations are described in detail in your Shed Plans.
Garden Shed Plans offer suitable instructions about garden shed maintenance, along with illustrations on how to build a shed.

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