Why Kids Prefer Wooden Playhouses

Many children would like to have their own playhouse, especially one which has been built specifically for them rather than being the same as every other playhouse around. Mass produced plastic or resin playhouses are fine, but your child will be much more excited by a wooden playhouse which is uniquely their own. All too many children spend their leisure time indoors surfing the web or watching television, though with the right playhouse, they will be much more likely to be interested in spending time outside getting some much needed fresh air and exercise.

One of the advantages of building a wooden playhouse is that you get to build it all yourself in any size or shape you like. Wood is a relatively easy material to work with, so you can cut and finish the wood yourself and unlike plastic or metal, it is easy to resize any part which does not fit together quite right. However, if you are not the do it yourself type, you can also find a contractor or carpenter who is experienced in making wooden playhouses to build one for your child.

A wooden playhouse will become an important part of your child’s life and you can make your child’s new playhouse match their interests perfectly. For example, if your child is interested in arts and crafts, you could set up their playhouse as a sort of studio for them; if they spend a lot of time reading, you can make their playhouse their library. It is also easy to change things around to suit your child’s changing interests as they grow – and most wooden playhouses are relatively portable, so it can be moved with ease when needed.

A lot of people assume that building a playhouse is difficult or time consuming and this may be the case depending on the type of playhouse you have in mind and your level of skill as a woodworker. However, it can be a wonderful thing for your child that will become a cherished childhood memory. Easy to work with, portable and almost endlessly customizable, a wooden playhouse can be a fun and safe play space for your child which can encourage them to become more active and to use their imagination in their play and development.

As you will easily see, building a playhouse for your kids isn’t really that difficult and it will give you lots of fun.



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