Playhouse Plans

Here you can find all types of advices and professional tips to build a wooden playhouse for your garden and learn how to use Playhouse Plans to construct a perfect outdoor treehouse for your kids.

playhouse plans

Playhouses Plans – Save a Ton of Money by Building on Your Own

On a previous occasion when I did simple search for playhouses kits, I was alarmed to discover just how much I would pay for a product along these lines, excluding the additional shipping and delivery charges for the wood. It didn’t take me very long to determine […]

outdoor tree house

Outdoor Tree House – 5 Tips to Build One

There are several things to consider when building your outdoor treehouse.

Location, support, design and security are crucial factors that you have to consider. Also, you’ll need to know what you want your tree house to be […]

outdoor tree house

Why Kids Prefer Wooden Playhouses

Many children would like to have their own playhouse, especially one which has been built specifically for them rather than being the same as every other playhouse around. Mass produced plastic or resin playhouses are fine, but your child […]

outdoor tree house

How to Build a Simple Tree House

Although building a tree-house is not something small it can be a fun thing to do if you use the right playhouse plans for the job. It’s a great way to involve the whole family and there are loads of different designs to choose from. Whichever you ultimately settle on there are a few general rules to consider […]

outdoor tree house

Make a Treehouse – 4 Tips to Help You

Living alongside wild birds, squirrels, bugs and other creatures that lives in trees is actually fantastic, so why not make a treehouse? Maybe you have big trees with wide stems on your property?[…]

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playhouse plans

Wooden Playhouse – Video Series (Part 1)

In this section you can watch several videos about wooden playhouses and how to build one.

playhouse plans

Build a Playhouse – Video Series (Part 2)

In this section you can find the second part of video series about wooden playhouses and how to build one.

playhouse plans

Playhouse Plans – Video Series (Part 3)

In this section you can find the third part video series about about wooden playhouses and how to build one.

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