Outdoor Pergola Designs – How to Build an Outdoor Pergola With the Right Plan


If you plan to build a pergola you must decide where you will build it first. Outdoor pergola designs can come for patio, attached or free standing pergolas. Pergolas too can come in triangular, circular or rectangular shapes. A free standing rectangular pergola is probably the most common shape in the most common position because it is easy to build while giving overall excellent results for relaxation and visual appeal.

For low maintenance, vinyl and aluminium pergolas can be considered, but a quality wood will allow you to have a durable pergola with an added appeal and coziness that aluminium and vinyl cannot deliver. The best woods for this type of outdoor construction are cedar and red woods because they are very strong for the structure and also weather, fungus, rot and insect resistant. Should you go for it, then it is only a matter of choosing a plan of the right size and style. There are quite few outdoor pergola designs to choose from, but they must be easy to follow, with clear instructions and measures. They can help you save few $thousands over ready made pergolas.

Once you purchased the materials, you can dig up the holes for the foundations, after having checked that there are no underground cables or water and gas pipes. Pour the cement in and let it set in. While waiting, you can save time by cutting and shaping the wood of your choice with the help of a friend. For this, you need tools like a hammer, nails, an electric saw, a drill, an angle grinder, nut and bolts, sandpaper and wood stain (optional).

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Pergola plans

Step by step article about how to build a simple patio pergola

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