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What exactly is a Pergola, anyway?

Most people have heard of pergolas. It sounds somewhat like a foreign word. Well, it is. The dictionary describes pergola as an Italian word for “arbor.” “Arbor” has to do with trees and shade from trees. So, there is a connection to shade from a pergola.

A loose description of a pergola is that it is often a garden feature forming a shaded walkway or sitting area. It is not always part of a garden, but often has some woody vines or other climbing vines that can be trained.

Your backyard will thank you for learning more about these versatile, beautiful and practical structures that are simple yet elegant, then building one there.

In modern times pergolas are often made of wood. Pergolas have vertical supporting posts or columns that support cross beams and will have sturdy open beams or lattice forming an open roof.

Pergolas are often built as an extension to a building or a stand-a-lone structure of any size the owner desires. They are also used to cover existing decks and patios.

Hopefully that will provide a visual picture of a basic pergola for you. Pergolas are related to arbors and trellises in that the purpose of the three is usually for shade, vines, plants and/or flowers.

Trellises are usually smaller and created with smaller wood, or other material, often designed as an arch.

Pergolas are generally much lager than trellises. They are used in public areas to shade walkways, patios and park areas. You may see them as outdoor shaded areas at restaurants, providing a comfortable eating area for customers.

For home backyard additions, pergolas can be especially lovely and practical.

Why not look for pergolas as you drive through your neighborhood and community. Should you see a pergola, most likely you will be struck by the uniqueness and beauty of it.

You may become the first person in your neighborhood to have a pergola. If so, my guess is that it will be an eye catcher and will add not only beauty but value to your property. You may become the envy of the neighbors and maybe only the first of others.

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Here are some pergola pictures and designs that you can choose from.

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