3 Dos and Don’ts of Garden Pergolas

Garden pergolas are popular to homeowners as an addition to their outdoor space. These structures can serve as a focal point for a garden or yard, as a divider for a large outdoor area or as a link between two parts of a garden. They are ideal for supporting climbing vines and of course, they make a great outdoor space for entertaining and gathering with family and friends.

3 Dos


Find out whether your city requires you to get any permits or meet other conditions prior to building a pergola or any other structure on your property. The regulations pertaining to this situation differ from one municipality to another, so be sure to check before you begin.


Decide exactly where you’d like to place your pergola. Depending on the uses you have in mind for your pergola, the amount of sun you tend to get and the weather in your area, you may want to place your pergola next to your house or set well away from your home.


If you’d like to use your pergola as a support structure for vining plants, decide what kind of plant carefully. Choose plants which will not attract bees and wasps; and if you have young children, you may want to steer clear of roses and other plants which have thorns, since these can result in accidental cuts and scrapes.

3 Dont’s


Placing your pergola somewhere where electrical wiring, gas or water pipes are located. You can find the number for your state’s “call before you dig” hotline by calling your local utilities. Usually, you will be able to find out where these hazards are located within a week or so, so that you can plan for the safe placement of your new pergola.


A pergola which is the wrong size for your yard. Obviously, you don’t want to choose a pergola which is entirely too large or too small for your outdoor space. It does have to be large enough to accommodate your family and guests as well as to fit a table and chairs for gatherings.


Spending too much on your pergola. While you can find ready-made pergola kits, they tend to be rather pricy; however, you can find a set of pergola plans relatively cheap and if you are not the DIY type, you can simply hire a carpenter or other contractor to handle building the structure.

You can find many different plans for building garden pergolas of various sizes and different designs, each of which will include detailed instructions and a list of the materials you’ll need.


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