How You Can Protect A Wooden Gazebo From The Elements

A wooden gazebo is a stunning addition for the garden and something that you will want to see last for years to come. So how exactly does this wooden masterpiece stand up to the elements though? If you'd like this to look within top condition for years to come, you need to think about safeguarding it from certain climate conditions and ensuring that it is securely placed in your property.

If you're making plans for having a wooden gazebo to enhance the look and enhance the atmosphere of the garden, you will want to make the most of it by protecting it from the elements. Many people have a gazebo but the majority needs to have one as they are not just a pleasure to see, but extremely functional as well – as a place to sit, relax and to dine along with friends and family. The problem is though, so many people have seen their own gazebo lose its initial appeal through abandoning this during the winter months. One of the most main reasons of safeguarding your gazebo needs to be attended to at the time you position it in your backyard – allow it to be stable as well as secure with some appropriate gazebo plans.

Now many people will most likely turn their nose up if you say you're going to bolt down or safe your gazebo to cement footings; in their defense, it is not easy to imagine such a large garden structure moving around due to the elements. Amazed you may be, but strong winds have been recognized to move a wooden gazebo and as a result, damage its structure. For a small extra work, it's really worth the life span of your gazebo to get it secured to the floor.

Bolting your own gazebo to the ground is one option but not usually considered the best as powerful winds may even rip up the gazebo and the pavers in which they're bolted to! More severe thought is required when dealing with the process of securing your wooden gazebo along with a strong basis is essential for optimum levels of security.

The best option to you is the use of concrete footers which can totally avoid the structure from being moved in gale force winds. Don't let this put you off as going further to secure your wooden gazebo will imply you can enjoy it for much longer and that is the reason why you bought it in the first place – to enjoy and take pride of the backyard. A bit more work and time compared to bolting it right down to the floor however worth it for that results!

You will have to remove any kind of pavers to begin this job as you will need to dig some holes for placement of the footers. Most important would be to measure where you want the gazebo to go and be sure that the areas where the actual posts match are clear through any pavers. Measure the height of the gazebo and take a rough third from this height in order to clarify how deep you need to dig (so about a 3rd of the gazebo's height). Now put in some concrete mix and secure the posts of the wooden gazebo.

Gazebo plans are not simple for everybody and it certainly helps you to have someone around who has experience in such job. Cement footings need to be level at all posts and the ground needs to be stable, even the width as well as depth of every hole made should be taken into consideration so if you need contact an expert or someone with more understanding to give you a help in completing your dream backyard!

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