How to Finish a Wood Patio Deck

When you build the patio deck out in your yard or field, you’ll have a wonderful place to  entertain friends and family for activities such as grilling, relaxing,  reclining, or a host of activities. One of the most important things  that you can keep in mind when you’re creating a wooden deck, is to make  sure the sealant is laid properly. This is to make sure that your deck  investment project last for years to come. First, you have to make  sure that you not only know where you’re going to place the deck, but  that you have enough space to lay out a deck. Another thing that you  have to keep in mind, is the type of atmosphere of weather that you  typically have to deal with.


This is because for example, if you live  in a flooded area, water is your enemy. Water will damage your wood  deck investment, and the amount of water you receive in your area is  something you’ll have to think about when creating your patio deck. When you are planning your patio deck, make sure that you buy the  correct sealant to place over your deck. Sealing keeps out water and  protects your investment. The way to make sure that you start off  right, is to make sure that you sand the deck. Sanding the wood planks  makes sure that the sealant seeps into the wood properly, and creates a  solid enough barrier to protect against water.

Before you lay down your sealant, you have to make sure that any  form of debris such as leaves, sticks, just or any other debris have  been completely cleaned off of your patio deck. This is because any  debris left on the deck will cause warping when the sealant is laid  down. It can’t be stressed enough how important is sealant is to your  deck plans. This is because if the sealant isn’t laid properly, or if  there’s even one missing spot, then water can seep under the deck, and  ruin the wood. One of the ways that water can ruin your patio deck, is by creating  cracks in the wood. Another way that the atmosphere and the temperature  can ruin your deck, is by creating expansion or contraction in the  wood. When you are creating deck plans, and you are putting sealant on  the deck, you have to do it on a day when it’s not too hot, or too  cold. A nice spring day with low humidity is the perfect type of day to  put sealant on your deck, so that it dries properly, and it dries  quickly. You might want to check the weather reports to make sure that  the day before you put down the sealant, and a few days after you lay  the sealant, the weather will be sunny and dry. Water will not only ruin  your sealant, but it also ruin your deck plans. Make sure that when you’re laying down your sealant on the wood,  that you apply the sealant in the same direction of the wood grain. A  great tool to use for your sealant, is to use a mop.

The mop will allow  for large areas of the deck to be covered with the sealant After you  have made sure that you’ve purchased the best type of sealant for your  wooden deck, now you simply need to decide what color of stain you’d  like to use for your patio deck. When you go to the hardware store, you’ll find that there’s lots of  different colors to use for your stain. Once you have properly applied  your stain to the deck, you won’t have to do any maintenance to it for a  few years.


However, something to keep in mind is that if you live in a  harsh weather environment, you might have to do upkeep on your deck  more frequently. You’ll have to make sure to repeat the steps all over  again, which is to clean the deck, then fix any repairs, and then reseal  it. If you do this, your deck will last for years to come.



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