How to Build a Deck – Video Series

Watch those videos and learn all about how to Build a Deck using  our higly recommended Deck Plans.


How to Build a Deck – Part 1. Step by Step Guide

This video is a step by step guide to deck design, planning, building and deck maintenance and care. The introduction in part 1 summarizes in just a few quick images the various stages of the deck building process.


How to Build a Deck – Part 2. Planning & Design

Part 2 explores the importance of a detailed design drawings and careful planning needed for you to get the most out of timber decking in your garden.


How to Build a Deck – Part 3. Preparation

Part 3 explains how to go about preparing your site for the timber deck by carefully mapping the area with strings and wooden pegs in the first instance. The use of string allows you to create perfect right angles using the 3-4-5 measuring technique. Holes can now be dug should you require deck support posts. The area beneath the decking is now ready to cover with weed suppressing fabric and pea shingle.


How to Build a Deck – Part 4. Sub-frame Cont

Part 4 shows how to fit york style decking. The boards are secured to the joists below using two decking screws on every joist. The screws should be 2.5 times the depth of the decking board and for total peace of mind made of stainless steel. Allowing the boards to become surface dry before fitting is required and minimises the affects of shrinkage and swelling after fitting.


How to Build a Deck – Part 5. Fitting Decking Boards

Part 5 continues to show how to build a raised deck sub-frame using the post and beam deck building technique. The decking newel posts are fitted within the deck beams prior to the timber deck joists being fitted to the beams and timber noggins fitted between the decking joists. Also detailed in this section is how to fit a deck ledger board to an existing wall from which joists are supported.


How to Build a Deck – Part 6. Fitting Handrail

Part 6 shows how a post and rail type decking balustrade is fitted. The system also known as an American handrail system utilises a wide flat top hand rail and deck spindles or balusters that are face fixed to two horizontal rails. The system is very quick to fit and is versatile in that the height of the handrail off the deck can be raised without the need for special lengths of timber.


How to Build a Deck – Part 7. Fitting Steps

Part 7 covers the final main element of deck building – how to build steps for your raised deck. It explains how to create the deck strings, decking stair treads and how to connect all the elements at an angle comfortable and safe to use.


How to Build a Deck – Part 8. Finishing Touches

Part 8 shows decking lattice being used as decorative screening / trellising between the ground and the underside of the raised deck scheme. The use of lattice not only looks great but minimises the chance of litter and un-wanted pests getting under the deck sub-frame.


How to Build a Deck – Part 9. Aftercare

Part 9 explains the water repellent properties, what on-going maintenance is required for decks including the cleaning of decking. The staining of decking or application of anti-slip coatings is also covered.


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