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A patio deck is a popular home improvement project that not only adds value for your home, but provides a focal point for enjoying the outdoors. When choosing your deck design you’ll need to carefully consider the elements that go into your deck – it must incorporate the features that match your lifestyle and complement the design of your house. Planning is the most important part of building a deck so make sure to get the right deck plans.

Here are the top 5 considerations regarding your deck design.

1. Choose Your Deck Type

Traditionally the recommendation given by a lot of deck design specialists is to prefer a deck style that conforms to the architectural style of the home. The best plan is to begin with the basic shapes, details, colors and materials associated with the house. It is a good recommendation especially if the home has a distinctive period style. The benefit of choosing a particular deck design is that it gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch to the new outdoor living space. An outdoor patio deck might be attached to your home, closed to the family room or kitchen.

2. Consider Your Deck Activities

There are some activities you can consider doing in your deck. Your deck might be used to give parties and entertain among your family and friends or can be a place to grill and barbecue. It can also be a calm place for lounging reading or to have a comfortable hot tub. In each of these cases you can increase privacy having plants or trees near your deck. Take some time and think through how to build a deck that will perform the way you want.

3. Decide Your Deck Size

Homeowners often tend to build decks that are larger than they in fact need. That’s why is very important to plan carefully and choose the right deck design and size that will offer all that your family need. Once you decide the ways that the deck will be used you can determine about how much space will be needed for each of these uses. You can take in account these simple measures to choose your deck design.

An eating area for 6, a lounging or sunning area and a cooking area will require about 200 square feet of space. A dining area will require the area of the table plus 4 to 5 feet of clearance in all directions in order to supply adequate room for circulation and seating. A grilling area will require the area of the grill and food preparation counter, 2 feet of clearance to the railing or house wall plus 4 to 5 feet of clearance for any areas subject to traffic.

4. What Type of Wood to Use

There are 2 types of untreated wood that are used most often for decking. Redwood has a straight grain, takes a finish well and ranges in color from light to dark red. Heartwood redwood is resistant to decay, insects and rot. It is expensive, often 4 times the cost of pressure treated wood. Think about using redwood only for the visible decking areas and using pressure treated lumber for the under structure. Western red cedar heartwood possesses many of the similar qualities of redwood although it is lighter in color and is simple to work with.

Exotic woods are another option for maintenance free, long lasting wood decking. Pau Lope, ironwood or Brazilian walnut, are one kind while teak, Brazilian cherry and Philippine mahogany are others. These exotic woods have the advantage of being extremely dense and rich with natural oils thus making them extremely resistant to decay, fungal growth, insects and even fire.

5. Building Permissions

The first step you need to take is to get a building permit issued by the local municipality’s building department. This is usually a requirement for any structure such as a deck that necessitates the installation of footings. Building department staff reviews the deck plans submitted by a homeowner with regards to appropriate building codes. These codes govern every aspect of  deck plans and deck construction and have a huge impact upon the types of deck designs that will be approved.

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