Wooden Boats – How to Make a Proper Restoration and Reparation

People who own wooden boats take great pride in restoring their beauty. When you get them out on the water it’s important to keep them in tip-top shape for the best safety possible. It’s a rewarding process restoring or repairing a boat, but in order to do it you need the proper boat plans.

This will make the entire process easier and you will complete the project faster.  Structural damage could be a major issue, especially if you just purchased the boat from a previous owner.
In order to fix these wooden boats you need to know how it was actually built. If you take the time to research different vessels and structures there are plenty of resources out there. When the wood ages and typical deterioration sets in it’s actually easier to bring your wooden boats back to the original condition. The end result is more longevity with a stable and durable vessel.

What can cause Wooden Boats deterioration?

Well, aging is the most popular, but the wood’s material and composition could be another problem. This is due to the type of wood and whether or not it’s more durable than others. Don’t forget about how the wooden boats are constructed as well. This could actually be a major factor, because some are specifically made to last longer. The way an owner cares for his boats will also come into play. Protecting wooden boats from weather elements is also a factor. Places that are warmer, humid, and have tons of rain can affect the overall condition.

When looking at all the sealants available, the epoxy sealants are probably the best. Their job is to saturate the wooden boats with resin. This will increase the durability and stabilize the wood, which prevents splintering and chipping. Plus, sealants are great primers for top coating. Whether it’s paint, varnish, or stain; this will be a huge help. Best of all you’re going to reduce the overall maintenance surrounding your wooden boats.

Once it’s time to apply the sealant you will have to clean the wood first. You will have to do the stripping, which is definitely the most time consuming. What it does is remove any coatings that were previously on the wood. You can use things like stripper and heat guns to complete the step. However, it’s extremely important you use products that are considered “safe” for the wood. If you don’t it could leave a residue and create problems. Once the stripping is finished you have to sand everything down. This is much easier, but don’t forget to vacuum up all the dust before applying any solvent. This will need to dry or evaporate before applying sealant.

Let’s just say that if you plan on purchasing wooden boats then the repair and restoration is going to take some time. This is a tedious process, but once you’re done it is total gratification. The first time you take it out on the water it will be an accomplishment like no other.

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