How To Use Homemade Boat Plans

Boat making is becoming an increasingly popular activity around the world. It is surprisingly simple and practical to make workable boats at home. With good homemade boat plans, it is fairly easy to build your own boat. Many people worry that they have never made a boat before, so it may be something impossible for them. However, the fact is that boat making is a great hobby, and it is not a highly specialized skill that requires special expertise or extensive past experience.

The first step in building your own boat is to get access to some homemade boat plans. There are a large number of good sources for such plans available on the Internet. Many of them are available free of charge, while for some of the more professional plans you may have to make a payment. In any case, it is worth it to acquire a good plan because if the plan is sound, the final result will be successful. 

The best part about a practical boat plan is that it will always avoid the need for any sophisticated or expensive specialty equipment. Such a plan will be exclusively meant for amateurs and not professionals with specialized training and experience in boat building. For a beginner, it may be useful to opt for a simple plan that focuses on simple boat designs. A design that avoids the need for compound curves is ideal in such a situation. Many a time, a good plan can help to build the boat “by eye”, which means, if it is looking right, it usually is right.

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Zip Runabout Boat Plans Interview

Interview of Ted Gauthier at the Glen-L Gathering of Boatbuilders in Guild, Tennessee. Ted built the Glen-L Zip design which is a 14'-4″ plywood runabout and created a beautiful boat! See the Glen-L website for over 300 designs of boats you can build at Glen-L dot com.

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