Build a Wood Boat – Plans That Are Right for You


There is something classic about wood boats and water. In these days of luxury cruisers and fiberglass speedboats it is refreshing to experience the craftsmanship and natural beauty of a wooden boat floating upon the water. May people desire to build the boat of their dreams but don't know where to start. You need not be an expert at boating or navigation to build your own boat. It only takes determination, a working knowledge of the tools of the trade, a good plan for building their boat.

A wide variety of wood boat plans are available directly from boat builders who specialize in building specialty boats and creating boat plans specific for wood. There is also a large amount of information available on the internet. Many plans are available for free. But as with anything else, you get what you pay for. Master boat builders offer quality boat plans and designs for a fee. Some boat builders also offer texts and manuals and include online or phone support with the purchase price of a plan.

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Building a wooden boat

Follow the redesign and construction of a classic wooden fishing boat, a Simmons Sea Skiff.

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