Boat Plans

If you are looking for step by step DIY Guides about wooden boats, then I highly recommend you to check out this Boat Plans – here you have over 100’s boat plans with step-by-step instructions and diagrams that will make every project easy. And they are all off the highest quality.
Check out that website. It will really help you out.

5 Things You Must Think About When Building a Boat

If you’re an avid rower, fisher, hunter or if you’re just a woodworking enthusiast, building a small wooden boat is a great project. You’ll need to do some planning, have some basic woodworking tools and at least a rudimentary aptitude for working with wood to do this project […]

Wooden Boats – How to Make a Proper Restoration and Reparation

What can cause Wooden Boats deterioration?

Well, aging is the most popular, but the wood’s material and composition could be another problem. This is due to the type of […]

Why Having the Best Boat Plans is Important Before Building

If you want a reliable sailboat then you have to have the best sailboat plans before getting started. People have different reasons for building their own boats […]

Sailboat Plans – What to Consider When Choosing Boats Plans

When the time comes to start thinking about sailboat plans you have to consider some important areas. If you don’t select the right boats plans upfront it could make this project a nightmare. Choosing the right one […]

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